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The benefits of exercise

Attending the gym is a great way to keep fit and look after your health. There are many reasons why people would want to visit the gym; to lose weight, build muscle, or they may attend to feel better about themselves.

Going to the gym has a lot of advantages; it can boost your mental health, decreases the possibility of developing health conditions, and helps with your blood circulation. Correct blood circulation improves your blood flow and delivers the right amount of oxygen to your body; it also keeps your cardiovascular system healthier and helps heal wounds faster. Attending has a lot of advantages; if you have experienced an accident due to no fault of your own, you are eligible to claim compensation for your damages. 

How to prevent accidents from happening at the gym

To prevent any accidents, the employees must undergo health and safety training. That is because the employers are responsible to meet health and safety criteria. The staff needs to check the equipment every day and make sure that it is in an appropriate condition for the members to use. If the equipment is damaged and working how it should be, it increases the possibility of someone sustaining an injury. 

Cleaners at the gym play a significantly essential role. Their duties include ensuring that the appliances are clean, and the floors are wiped properly, to avoid slipping hazards. They also need to make sure that all the equipment, toilets, showers and changing rooms are cleaned as they should because it could cause the germs to build up and cause severe health conditions to the gym visitors.

It is also the gym employees’ duty of care to ensure that the visitors are using the gym equipment suitably and if necessary, teach them how to use equipment safely.

If there is a swimming area available in the gym, it is the owner’s or occupier’s duty of care to ensure that there is a lifeguard present and at least one qualified first aider. It is also the gym employee’s duty of care to ensure and check that the chlorine levels are correct. If the pool pH levels are too high, it makes the water more acidic, which could cause eye irritation, dermatological problems, asthma and respiratory issues. When the pH levels in the swimming pool are too low, the bacteria will build-up, and in some cases, the visitors could catch infections. 

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