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Kirsten Morrison

Managing Partner

“I have been working as a solicitor for around 13 years, predominantly in the personal injury field. I have acted for both defenders and pursuers, with the majority of my career acting for pursuers. My area of expertise is serious injury claims, including brain injuries and life-changing orthopaedic injuries. With my experience, I have built relationships with medical and financial experts over the years making sure that my clients’ claims run as smoothly as possible, ensuring they are provided with the best legal process here at Belmont Solicitors. As the managing partner of the firm, I prioritise a good work ethic and employee satisfaction in the firm which proves to motivate my employees and ensure that our clients are satisfied to the highest possible extent”.

How do you see the future of Belmont Solicitors as a law firm, how do you plan to expand it?

“I want Belmont to be around for years to come, a multi-facet law firm where clients can come for a multitude of services. I plan to build on solid foundations of personal injury work into areas such as private client, immigration, family, road traffic and conveyancing. I dream that Belmont Solicitors becomes the go-to firm for the legal needs of people from Scotland, a firm that gives clear, concise and friendly legal advice. A firm with an ethos of togetherness”. 

How is Belmont Solicitors currently positioned for legal services in Scotland? 

“We currently have two extremely experienced solicitors in the field of personal injury, along with some junior staff with the drive and ambition to ensure Belmont Solicitors give the best possible legal advice. We also have a team of 3 experienced motoring offence experts, who provide clients with high-quality advice and guide clients through the process to quickly and effectively save their licence and enable them to get back to their everyday life”.

How will the team grow, and what does the existing team already bring to the firm? 

“We have a range of levels of experience within the firm, however, it is very important to ensure that the next generation of Scottish lawyers gain valuable hands-on experience. We will be running a summer placement programme and currently have some potential future trainees working with us. Lyndsey and I are the foundations of the law firm, but we are determined that each member of staff brings their own ideas to expand the business and how to make our processes and procedures better and more efficient. We are a new but experienced and constantly expanding law firm, looking to offer new opportunities for law students and graduates out there looking for experience and knowledge. The future of legal services is in their hands, and we want to provide the best possible training and understanding to prepare them for that”.

The 3 promises of Belmont Solicitors 

We promise our clients that whatever their claim is worth or how complicated your motoring charges are, we guarantee that you will be provided with the best service at all times, ensuring your process is stress-free, enabling you to get back to your daily life. 

  1. With high standards and experienced solicitors in areas of Scottish law, we guarantee to provide the highest standard of customer service and knowledge from the first call or visit you make with one of our solicitors. 
  2. We will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the legal service, ensuring we provide you with regular updates in the most transparent manner, avoiding complicated jargon. 
  3. We will get to know your case to the highest attainable standard, assembling all the critical evidence and details so you can come out with the best possible outcome, in the most stress-free way. We will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of your claim. 

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We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality work for our clients, ensuring they come out with the highest possible compensation for their damages. By providing excellent customer service and updates throughout your claim, you will be sure that you left your claim in the right hands. 

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    • The process of claiming against the other party was made so much easier thanks to Belmont Solicitors and especially Karen Barr and her team. Fantastic work and thank you all for your help and guidance. 100% recommended

      Allen Robinson Profile Image

      Allen Robinson

    • My accident happened right before covid, so there were loads of delays and even a hand over in solicitors. With all the interferences, Belmont never let me down. They stayed in touch and stayed very honest throughout the whole thing.

      Emily Hughes Profile Image

      Emily Hughes

    • Belmont solicitors have been assisting me with an injury claim from a car accident I was in earlier this year. They have been excellent throughout making sure I am aware of everything that’s been going on and providing me with all the information I need to make informed decisions. The outcome has been fantastic and I have been treated with integrity and care throughout. I would highly recommend them to anybody.

      Eva Salani Profile Image

      Eva Salani

    • Amazing service throughout my experience dealing with Belmont, they helped me with an injury claim following a car accident and I received an excellent service and quick settlement with the case. Highly recommend.

      Andrew Profile Image


    • The team at Belmont has been great. They went through the information with me as often as I needed to understand all the legal bits and feel comfortable proceeding. I was given an update as soon as it was available, which meant I didn’t have to constantly call - which in my experience is not always the case with solicitors. Overall very happy with the service received.

      Helena G Profile Image

      Helena G

    • Well thanks to Belmont, i’ve manage to get my injury claim in rather quickly is feels like. They are a great team and keep you updated throughout each process they do with with you, as well as making sure well informed. would very highly recommend. will also mention they give very clear instructions throughout the process and they are very helpful!

      Dylan Miller Profile Image

      Dylan Miller

    • Absolutely outstanding service from start to finish, very very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Always very friendly and efficient! Any single person I spoke to was always very happy, nice and great at their job! Thanks again to everyone!

      Jamie-Lee Brown Profile Image

      Jamie-Lee Brown

    • Can’t thank Rizwan enough for all his help. Very friendly and knowledgeable about the case. Never had to call them as he kept me updated with any new developments. Will definitely refer friends and family and will use Belmont solicitors again if needed.

      Angela Profile Image


    • I would highly recommend these guys, extremely helpful, always kept me up to date with progress either by calls or emails, I was more than happy with all staff from receptionists to case holders, would highly recommend.

      Dorothy Garvie Profile Image

      Dorothy Garvie

    • Good service. Kept me informed about my personal injury claim - which took about a year to settle, which was due to the other party in the accident's insurer going into liquidation, but they kept at it and eventually succeded in getting the payment. Would definately recommend.

      Kenneth Profile Image