Cyclists – Why are they more vulnerable on the roads?

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According to the new highway code rules, cyclists are among one of the most vulnerable road users. Drivers are responsible for their safety on the roads as they can cause more significant damage to cyclists than cyclists can cause to them due to the lack of external protection. Contact our Scottish personal injury solicitors; if you were involved in a road traffic accident. The government has recently identified more vulnerable road users by introducing them in new rules of the highway code. Read about the recent highway code changes here.

Why are cyclists more vulnerable? 

Among pedestrians, cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users, the main reasons for this include: 

  • They lack external protection; compared to a driver of a vehicle cyclists may only be protected by a helmet of protective clothing. 
  • Due to the size of the cyclist; they can be easily affected by winds and poor road surfaces, which is why road users need to give them plenty of space when behind them or overtaking them.
  • Cyclists are smaller and harder to be seen by other road users and can be easily overlooked by other road users. 
  • Cyclists are at risk at junctions and roundabouts, and drivers should always check their mirrors and blind spots for a lookout for them.

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How can drivers keep cyclists safe? 

There are many ways in which drivers can keep them safe on the roads. Drivers must be cautious at all times, especially in busier cities where it is likely that more cyclists are present. At junctions or when turning, drivers should check their blind spots and mirrors to ensure that it is clear for them to turn without being a danger to vulnerable road users like cyclists. Distance is very important to keep cyclists safe, and drivers should keep a safe distance between them and the cyclist, and when planning to overtake they should keep at least a 1.5-metre gap. 

Tips for bike users

Cyclists are advised to make themselves be seen always, ensure they have lights on at night and wear bright and reflective clothing when cycling at night. Even though by law it is not obligatory to wear protective helmets; cyclists are advised to invest in a good quality helmet for protection if ever involved in an accident. If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we highly advise you to contact our experienced road traffic accident solicitors. 

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